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Creating a set with pre-defined values
myset = {"this", "is", "1", "set", True}
Creating a set with the set() constructor. (Note the use of a tuple)
myset = set(("this", "is", "1", "set", True))

Sets are used to store multiple items in a single variable. (You can't have duplicates though!)

However, unlike lists, tuples, and dictionaries, sets are not ordered.

Additionally, the elements within a set cannot be modified! But, you can remove, edit, and re-add them.

Add Elements

You can add elements to a set by using the following function:

myset.add("this")    #Throws an error if the input does not exist within the set

This function does not have a return value

Delete Elements

You can take away elements from a set using any of the following functions:

myset.remove("this")    #Throws an error if the input does not exist within the set
myset.discard("this") #Removes the element from the set IF it exists

Note: there is no return type from either of these functions.

Check For an Element

You can check if a specific elements is in a set by using the "in" keyword as shown below:

if "this" in myset:
print("Found this")